According to statistics gathered by the World Bank, the exotic southeast Asian country attracted 39,916,000 non-residents tourists in 2019. The place is famous internationally for its tropical beaches, islands, spectacular royal palaces, diverse vegetation, ancient sites, and magnificent Buddha temples. You can visit Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, etc., and make your trip memorable. Before planning a trip to another country, we must gather some tips to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Carry cash at all times

Thailand is a third-world country, and it operates on cash primarily. You could face some trouble in making payments outside some high-end restaurants, shops, and hotels. Small vendors, rickshaw peddlers, and boat ferrymen may not have handy cash for change either. So, it is advisable to carry some money instead of getting stuck with your plastic money on a remote island.

10 Tips for Your First Trip to Thailand

A little awareness never hurts

This is a rule for every country. Cross-check every piece of information that you receive from the locals to avoid getting into any unwanted trouble. Smiling people around may con you in the grab of helping you. For instance, the rickshaw peddler may take you from a longer route to charge more. So, it is good to be vigilant.

Rent a scooter but at your risk

Traffic rules and traffic sense is different from country to country. You may not find the best routes and can end up is getting lost in the suburbs. The bumpy road may make it hard for a rider to enjoy the trip.

Carry mosquito repellents and lots of water

Thailand is a tropical place. The forests are filled with mosquitos. So make sure to carry and apply mosquito repellent and sunscreen. If you plan to hike in the woods, you may want to bring water to avoid dehydration.

Transportation advice

Do not try to navigate all of Thailand on your week-long trip. Life is easy and slow in the country. You may not get the proper transportation at the right time. It is advised not to plan to visit too many places. You will only end up being exhausted. Choose from either northern or the southern part of the country with some days in Bangkok. That would suffice.

Negotiation is the key to saving money

Bargaining is an art that is acquired over time. Tourists can see people bargaining for a better price. Locals always quote a high price for hiring a tuk-tuk, accommodation and souvenirs.

Jai Yen Yen- cool your heart

It is vital that you should keep your calm. It is not worth getting into an unnecessary face-off with the locals. Try not to indulge in any argument.

10 Tips for Your First Trip to Thailand

A language translation app is a must

A translation comes in handy at these places. You may also let your hotel receptionist write some commonly used things for you.

Pack some woollens

If you are visiting Loei in winter, it can get chilly. The temperature at islands and mountains can also drop.

Appropriate dressing sense

Your shoulders must be covered, and your dress must be knee-length at least. Wear slippers as footwear are not allowed in temples.


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