Splendid Mountains To Trek In Thailand!
Splendid mountains to trek in Thailand!

Trekking in Thailand is one of the best adventurous activities that we can experience delightfully. There are many mountains that we can go on vacation. Chiang Rai A mountain famous for its rich cultural heritage, Chiang Rai is an ideal gateway for travelers who are up for trekking in the northern part of Thailand on […]

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Breathtaking Islands You Need To Visit In Thailand!
Breathtaking islands you need to visit in Thailand!

Thailand is known for its fantastic tourist attractions, breathtaking scenic views, splendid islands, iconic beaches, extraordinary mountains, and one of the best honeymoon destinations. One cannot rank the beautiful islands in Thailand as they are unique and special in their ways. So, let us quickly look at the spectacular islands that contribute to the beauty […]

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10 Things I Hate About Thailand
10 things I hate about Thailand

Yes, I know, why is it always so negative and why do you even live in Thailand when there are so many negative things? … I can imagine what you think is exactly the same to me but I love Thailand and I don’t want to live anywhere else (at the moment) than here and […]

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How Can You Get Money In Thailand?

Now, of course, it depends on whether you want to live in Thailand, resp. already lives in Thailand or whether you simply come to Thailand on vacation. First for the vacationers. There are thousands of ATMs in Thailand, just like in Europe. You can withdraw money with any bank card that bears the “Maestro” or […]

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Cost of Living in Thailand

I am often asked what it costs to live in Thailand. I would like to enclose a list of the costs in various areas. To say is that I live in the north of Pattaya and Pattaya is def. not the cheapest place to live in Thailand, but it has the big advantage that as […]

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