Yes, I know, why is it always so negative and why do you even live in Thailand when there are so many negative things? … I can imagine what you think is exactly the same to me but I love Thailand and I don’t want to live anywhere else (at the moment) than here and there are so many more positive things in Thailand than negative things. Anyhow, in the news you only ever hear the negative that not everything shines in Thailand that is gold, is probably clear to everyone and there is something everywhere, with one it is this, with the other that …

But now to my top 10
List of the things I hate most in Thailand.

1. Thai soap opera , women are beaten and abused, that is not a problem in Thailand, but woe betide anyone smokes a cigarette or drinks a beer, that is immediately censored. I almost go nuts. Have already written about the topic here .
2. Every farang (foreigner with white skin) has money. No matter where a farang comes, the prices are always more expensive because the Thais firmly believe that we are born with a money bag at birth.
3. Superstition , really bad, the Thais really believe in every nonsense, as long as it is a Thai who tells the nonsense or a monk. Monks have a huge influence, see also report resp. Comment by Rambokükken below (I copied it from a post here). That doesn’t make it easier in Thailand, above all there is nothing you can do about it. ok i have to admit here that it is not much different in the christian communities in the world either. One still believes that the earth is only 6000 years old because it is in the Bible. But if you don’t want to start any religious wars here, we’ve already had enough, everyone should respect what they believe to be right and respect the other beliefs.
4. Lies are part of culture like fish are part of water. There are thousands of examples every day. Just happened… .. went to the AIS shop (mobile provider) and asked how quickly I could access the internet via mobile, eg via GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (3G) etc. then I noticed that he had no idea But instead of what I was talking about, instead of telling me I don’t know or I will clarify it or whatever, he finally told me that with 32MB / s it was possible, which is technologically not yet possible, after repeated inquiries whether he misunderstood something, etc. his answers, however, were always more convincing and confirmed the 32MB / s several times. (Just an everyday example)
5. Losing face goes a bit in the same direction as lying. That means that lying also comes from the fact that a Thai does everything in order not to lose face, which makes concessions to his own mistakes almost impossible or even withholds his own criticism, which is def. is a foreign word in Thailand. Here, too, a contribution

6. Non-adaptable foreigners. Oh yes, there are so many of them, now it maybe depends a bit on whether the non-adaptable foreigners are only there on vacation or long-term vacationers, in any case I see again and again foreigners who behave here as if Thailand would serve them belong or go, for example, to the shopping center or dinner without wearing a shirt. etc. Just often very disrespectful to the Thais.
7. Foreigners delicacy. The Thais are absolute patriots, even the Americans have a hard time keeping up and whoever thinks they are really welcome here is mistaken, that is, as long as you have money, you are already out of the land of smiles afterwards.
8. Hypocrisy. Yes, that is also such a topic. Sex is taboo. Prostitution is prohibited and nobody would do that in Thailand. There is no sex magazine, no sex shop and that’s one of the worst …
9. Know everything better. That belongs a bit to my top 10. The Thais really sometimes have the feeling that they know everything better, even if they have no experience in an area, they tell you how to do it. Everyone who lives here knows what I mean …
10. Corruption.
There are certainly worse things, but you notice it again and again. Policemen who just want a bit of money, authorities where everything goes much faster if you pay a little under the table, keep the whole politics in Thailand silent. You could also see in the latest corruption statistics that Thailand has fallen by 21 places, but as already mentioned, there are worse countries. (see statistics )

Now briefly about the feedback from item 3.

Comment from Rambokükken of one of my posts:

My mother has bought a plantation which, when my parents are not there, is guarded by my aunt, for which my mother gives her money. A few months ago some Japanese monk showed up in the city, took up residence in some cave, claims to be an incredibly holy clairvoyant – and, like the Pope in the Middle Ages, finances his life from all the Thai people, who anyway are always inclined to superstition, tells what sins they have committed and how much money they have to give to get rid of their sins.

My aunt has now also completely succumbed to this and has almost all of the money that she gets from the plantation and my mother carried to this monk. He then did her the “honor” of visiting her on the plantation – and because the cave is probably not chic enough for him, he put the flea in my aunt’s ear that the plantation is too good for people and that for him Gods have said that the area has to be donated and a temple has to be built on it or otherwise all people who live on the area without being a monk will die … yeah, exactly.

My mother currently has terminal cancer and has been receiving chemotherapy every three weeks since January 2007. Bad situation. Well – and now my aunt comes along and says: “Yes, the monk said that you are committing a sin because you are not giving up the plantation and that is why you have cancer and will die in 6 years. In addition, you have to send me more money so that I can pray for you and you are really a bad person if you are not thankful for it! Besides me, nobody loves you here anyway, everyone just wants your money – but I only want money from you so that I can pray for you, otherwise you will die. ”

Isn’t that grotesque? It’s not even insensitive anymore – I would say THE behavior is really vicious.

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