Trekking in Thailand is one of the best adventurous activities that we can experience delightfully. There are many mountains that we can go on vacation.

Chiang Rai

A mountain famous for its rich cultural heritage, Chiang Rai is an ideal gateway for travelers who are up for trekking in the northern part of Thailand on their vacation. This is the best place to trek if you are looking for an easy or moderate level of trekking, and it’s perfect for hiking from October to February as it has a cool and dry climate. While trekking in Chiang Rai, you need to go through jungles and high mountains, so you need to have comfortable shoes and pack light just in case. Carrying a water bottle and some warm clothes would be beneficial as the temperature might dip at high altitudes.

Splendid mountains to trek in Thailand!

Mae Sariang

Trekkers who wish for solace and peace can visit Mae Sariang. It is gaining prominence among the trekkers and is also known as the remote town of the Northern region of Thailand. You can explore the local tribe culture, stay with them, have local food, and enjoy the time most of the showbiz miss. The level of trek is easy, and it is simple to reach. You can look at the waterfalls, forested hills, rice fields, and tiny hamlets. You won’t regret sure if you visit this place and enjoy every moment in the thick greenery.


The rivers, hot springs, gorges, waterfalls like caves, Lombok and Mo Poeng, canyons, and many more places can be visited that are must-visit places in Thailand. The level of trekking to Pai can be easy to moderate. You can reach Pai by bus or cab from Chaing Mai or fly down directly to Pai. Visiting this place at any time of the year is peaceful.

Phu Lang Ka

A vast stretch of forested plains and valleys can be seen while Phu Lang Ka leads to Phu Lang Ka village. This would be a pretty easy trek and hike during November or December or January or February to experience the best and pleasant weather. To reach the Phu Lang Ka village, you need to trek for 1716 meters while you get to enjoy innumerable stunning waterfalls on the way. Also, make sure you hike to look for either sunset or sunrise as that is the right time to feel the place!

Kamphaeng Phet

Though trekking is not relatively easy, Kamphaeng Phet is soaked with the beauty of nature comprising of high mountains, dense forests, and national parks. Being one of the highest peaks of Thailand, Mae Wong national park provides you the experience and opportunity to explore diverse flora and fauna, streams, waterfalls, viewpoints, and ultimately- PEACE!

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