Now, of course, it depends on whether you want to live in Thailand, resp. already lives in Thailand or whether you simply come to Thailand on vacation.

First for the vacationers. There are thousands of ATMs in Thailand, just like in Europe. You can withdraw money with any bank card that bears the “Maestro” or “Cirrus” logo. Fees are entirely dependent on your own bank in Europe. Swiss banks usually charge a transaction fee of CHF 5 (€ 3). Of course, it is correspondingly advantageous not to withdraw a few hundred baht several times a day, but just for a few days, so you can save yourself a lot of expenses. Most of these ATMs also support cash withdrawals with Visa and Mastercard. However, the fees there are usually higher than when using the ATM card. At best, you should quickly find out beforehand on the website of the bank in question. Traveler checks can be redeemed without any problems, the only disadvantage is that you usually have to look for an exchange office or a bank. Often, however, hotels also accept traveler checks.

For people living in Thailand , it is relatively easy to open a bank account, you only need a passport and the visa stamp, that does not have to be an annual visa. A non-immigrant or tourist visa is enough. At least that’s how it was with me at Bangkok Bank in Pattaya.

I have also heard that other banks do not need a visa at all, ie every tourist can open a bank account. For a fee of 100Baht (2.5 €) you can also get an ATM card with which you can easily withdraw money at all ATMs. However, if you want to withdraw money from an ATM that is from another bank, 20Baht charges will be deducted , this also applies if you withdraw money from the same bank but outside the district . If you are at the Bangkok Bank in Pattaya, Chonburi district, and you withdraw money from the Bangkok Bank in Bangkok, 20Baht charges will be deducted. In addition, you get an account book, similar to the savings book in Germany, in which you can automatically read the account statement in every branch.Internet banking is now available at almost all banks , but you often only get this option if you can present an annual visa. Unfortunately, this is different for each bank.

My experience with Bangkok Bank is actually not that good, ie the staff are quite unfriendly and not very helpful. Better are:

Kasikorn Bank
Siam Commercial Bank
Bank of Ayudhya
In any case, you have to consider that not all banks that exist in Thailand are represented with a large number of ATMs. If you have to access other ATMs from other banks, as already mentioned, additional charges apply. The most represented are Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank and Kasikornbank.

Of course there are a few more banks, a nice list including all SWIFT numbers can be found on

For money transfers from abroad to Thailand , I can recommend from my own experience that you always take your own currency from the sending country, i.e. euros from Germany and Austria, CHF from Switzerland. It is also best to drive when the entire transaction fees are always paid by the recipient . In Thailand that is def. much cheaper than if, for example, the sender pays the transaction costs.

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